About High! Canada Magazine

High! Canada has been publishing since October of 2015 and we have gotten a little better with each issue we put out – over four years later and we are starting to feel we have begun to make some major strides in cannabis education and facilitation of information about the multi-faceted complexity the Canadian cannabis market holds forĀ Canadians from coast to coast.

Print format may be considered by most industries to be a dying industry but for a blossoming industry like cannabis – High! Canada acts to link and enable the community – large and small together under one united interest – that of cannabis in Canada. We have a plethora of talented Canadian cannabis leaders and advocates who contribute to High! Canada every month and truly High! Canada could not publish each month without the talent and dedication of these wonderful people.

In order to comply with recent Task Force recommendations on advertising and promotion – we have been moving a large portion of our physical circulation to subscription only and the rest are being distributed at age-verified 18+ events and as “in-house” publications in age-verified 18+ shops, storefronts and lounges across Canada.

We have and will continue to be focusing on information and education and building bridges throughout the Canadian and international cannabis community and as always we strive to provide a balanced overview of our very multi-faceted industry to adults 18+ around the world.