Unique ‘Cannabis In The Workplace’ Program Launches To Guide International Businesses Through Cannabis Legalization

TORONTO (PRWEB)                                                                                            February 21, 2018

International Cannabis Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce the world’s first international, multi language, evidenced based medical and legal cannabis in the workplace program. “We are excited to put our combined more than over 200 years expertise in legal, healthcare, human resources, business and most importantly cannabinoids experience to work helping both employees and employers understand the risks, and feature and benefits in Cannabis and how it affects the workplace.” CEO Kevin Hall said today.

Initially rolling out in English, French and Spanish for the North American marketplace, the program will soon be available in any language necessary to serve ICS’ international clients.

The program is expected to be of special interest in Canada. Federal legislation legalizing recreational cannabis across the country expected this summer is expected to have impact on all aspects of Canadian society – not least in the places where most Canadians spend the majority of their day – the workplace. It is those workplaces that most need to learn about the rights – and the responsibilities – of both employer and employee. Management and staff alike don’t know what to expect – how will these changes affect them? What should they do or not do? Legalization of a plant previously considered illicit – not to mention the population of Canadians who use cannabis for medical reasons under a doctors care (growing 30 percent annually, many of whom have not disclosed the fact to their employer) have led to a lot of questions.

ICS’ Unique “Cannabis In The Workplace” Program answers those questions, allows for access to experts across disciplines (canna education, legal, medical, HR, Employee Benefits, and Patient Advocacy) while providing lasting educational and advisory board support. Their ongoing real time advisory board services include full legal and benefit plan analysis, wellness programs, and other options with a robust e-learning platform and resource portal component. All content is customized for each client based on needs analysis, and the educational component can include topics from over 30 subject matters.

ICS has gathered an impressive team of experts from various disciplines. Below please find their comments on their participation in the ICS Cannabis In The Workplace program:

Ira Price MD FRCPC:
“It’s currently difficult to objectively define impairment, to be safe every employer and employee should understand the basics of cannabis to assure its safe and effective use in the workplace. As an expert medical witness, having provided evidence for both Human Rights tribunals and civil litigation, what I can say is that It’s no longer ok to have a blanket “no go” policy for cannabis. On the verge of legalization, it is imperative to implement safe practices for cannabis in the workplace. Through this robust educational program, you will gain the practical tools and knowledge to do just that.”

Joseph Rosado, MD, DC, MBA :
“There are few subjects that can stir up stronger emotions among doctors, scientists, researchers, policy makers, employers and the public than medical marijuana. Is it safe? Should it be legal? Will it affect my employee’s abilities to perform their duties? If anything happens while my employee is “under the influence” am I liable and/or responsible?

Cannabis in the Workplace has been created and designed to ease the minds of the company decision makers, managers and supervisors by providing a group of experts in their respective fields to educate and empower individuals that have been crippled by the fear of uncertainty regarding employees and their use of medical cannabis while performing their duties.”

Mario Torres, Employment and Labour Lawyer, Brazeau Seller
“The legalization of cannabis will require the application of existing legal principles to a new landscape. Over the next several years, through legislation and litigation, our laws relating to cannabis use in the workplace – in our new context – will take shape. Employers and employees need to understand their rights and obligations in respect of cannabis use – medical or recreational. A proactive and wise approach begins with education.”

Hilda Gan, MHSc, CHRL; President and Chief People Officer:
“With the legalization of Cannabis later this summer….Workers and Companies have preconceived notions of what this can mean. Some workers think they will be able to smoke in the workplace. Some businesses think it is just changing their policy and practices. It is so much more. A successful transition of Cannabis in the Workplace setting will need much more. Think proactive planning, education and communication for all levels of the organization. Cannabis in the Workplace has a team of experts that reflect all aspects of the impacts that will affect business and provides company of all sizes to navigate the complexities of Cannabis in the Workplace. As an Award Winning Workplace Culture Expert, I see this as an opportunity not only to education and communicate the changes effectively but to use this opportunity to build a stronger and more positive work culture. With the right approach, education, planning and communication for all levels in the organization, companies can use this impactful change to build a stronger, better and more cohesive company. The training that companies will get with Cannabis in the Workplace will have a ripple effect in building better managers, more engaged staff and a better workplace that will help the bottom line.”

Pari Nejatie B.Sc, Healthcare Recruitment Consultant:
“With the federal government’s aim in legalizing cannabis, it has become even more critical to hire and develop managers with superb leadership, motivational and personal skills to support work culture and core business philosophies.

Stigma and the simple lack of sound awareness of cannabis in the workplace puts undue risks to companies which can be mitigated. The solution: an educated workplace of Managers and Staff that relies on accurate, valid and legal information about cannabis in workplace. Educating managers to handle situations with an approach using compassion, tact and/or discipline when needed and as needed.”

In addition to the legal, medical, HR and employee benefit experts businesses working with ICS have access to, ICS also provided their clients with the use of Developed Training Packages, an effective Train the Trainer Program and much more.

The new program will help businesses :

  • take a proactive approach to managing cannabis in the workplace (i.e. the duty to accommodate, potential health and safety issues, privacy legislation, discrimination in the workplace, employee benefit plans and other important issues)
  • Identify, create and communicate their company policy
  • Provide clear expectations and education to all staff and management
  • Ensure managers have the tools to manage safety and performance

ICS is the leader in the marketplace, providing evidenced based education for all stakeholders in healthcare and cannabis industries worldwide.

For more information :
416-48 CANNA

Tracy Lamourie
Lamourie Public Relations


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