Win Tickets to the NACPT Medical Cannabis Educational Conference in Toronto!

unnamed(2)Dec 7th & 8th,2017From 8:30 am to 5:00 pm1 Kings College Circle, McLeod Auditorium Toronto, ON M5S 1A8 

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Don’t spend hours reading informational documents, come and hear the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities at the forefront of the industryGet Ahead of the CompetitionGather fresh insights from key speakers to help make healthier decisions on preparing for recreational cannabis production



DAY 1:

  • Cannabis Enterprise and Economic Development in Canada
  • Plant Science: Unveiling the Therapeutic Potentials from Cannabis Plant
  • How Does Medical Cannabis Work?
  • Health Canada Licensed Producer (LP) Application and Legal Compliance Process
  • Facility Management and Security
  • Training for Medical Practitioners in Regards to Medical Cannabis Prescriptions
  • Panel Discussion (Q&A)


DAY 2:

  • How to Effectively Market Your Cannabis Products and Services?
  • Natural Drug Development: Promises & Prospects
  • Medical Cannabis Process Related Validation
  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road: The Legal Realities of Medical and Recreational Cannabis
  • Analytical Testing in Medical Cannabis Sector
  • Clinical Trials Monitoring for Medical Cannabis Products
  • Quality Assurance Role in Medical Cannabis Sector
  • Training the Recreational Cannabis Retail Store Employee to Educate Customers about Cannabis
  • Panel Discussion (Q&A)
Lunch and Refreshments will be included throughout the conference.
Dr. Hyder A. Khoja
Co-Founder of InMed Pharmaceuticals; CSO for NASH Pharmaceuticals
Jonathan Fernandes
President of Green Amber Canada
Kathleen Hedley
former Health Canada Director
Gavin Clark
Managing Director, Delta Eight Pharmaceuticals Inc.Jay Carnahan
CEO of Tresvertol Inc.
Dr. AKM Abdul Hai
Senior Scientist
Karim Meghji
Senior Scientist
Rathi Param
Validation Scientist and founder of Validation Tech and NACPT Pharma College Corp
Pauline Garrard
CEO-Canna Relief Consulting Canada
Dr. Danial Schecter
Co-Founder and Medical Director of the Canadian Cannabinoid Medical Clinic
Alex Goldstein
CPP – Security Consultant, GV Solutions & Consulting

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