International Seed to Sale Marijuana Technology Company Breaking New Ground in Canada

(VANCOUVER, Canada, November 21, 2017)
CannaLogic, a leading provider of innovative software solutions for both dispensaries and licensed producers, today announced it has become the first and only Canadian seed to sale company validated by METRC.
METRC (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance) is a solution providing end-to-end tracking and tracing specifically designed for government agencies regulating legalized marijuana from seed to sale.
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CannaLogic is also active in educating government officials and regulatory bodies creating federal and state/provincial plans for seed to sale, “This designation is very important to us,” said Helen Katz, VP of Communications at Cannalogic.

“After more than a year of research and development, and listening to dispensaries and licensed producers share their biggest concerns with us, we have successfully addressed many obstacles facing the industry, including inventory control, tracking systems, professional  packaging for distribution and e commerce.
CannaLogic`s product is uniquely positioned in the marketplace. The company offers dispensary owners a true white label, turnkey, e-commerce solution with reliable, secure, and downloadable applications. Their fast, trustworthy POS system boasts a robust inventory control platform and is the only industry specific software supported by the award winning Magento, used by Amazon and other trusted e-commerce brands.
“We are the only company bringing the power and security of the platform to the cannabis marketplace,” said Ronny Kadarishko, company founder & CEO of CannaLogic. “It’s all part of our larger mission.”
CannaLogic’s technical team has an impressive history in software development and security. The company`s Senior Developers have been instrumental in building some of the world`s most sophisticated gaming financial platforms. “Our team is stacked with talented and experienced senior developers,” says Kadarishko proudly. “Our goal is to make CannaLogic the most trusted name in marijuana technology.”
The company has developed several unique applications to help dispensaries maximize their revenue growth. To name a couple featured applications:
  • The Restock Notification App timely notifies product managers and suppliers when inventory of specific strains require attention.
  • The Caregiver App is an Uber like functionality that enables dispensary drivers to instantly receive purchase orders for secure delivery and more.
CannaLogic e commerce consumer App has an engaging suite of tools and features that allow customers to quickly browse a product menu, having the option to receive products via Delivery in minutes, pickup, even mail order, and also share products on social media. Another great feature is the consumer internal network wallet, which allows users to send a gift by transferring funds to other registered users via the innovative “Smart wallet”. CannaLogic`s Consumer Wallet also allows customers to receive instant loyalty rewards, increasing consumer satisfaction and high retention for the operators.
“CannaLogic is uniquely positioned to offer a truly groundbreaking product to the emerging cannabis industry worldwide,” said Kadarishko. “Our tools empower dispensary owners and cultivators, helping them reduce operational overhead, while increasing profitability through our innovative technology.”
Licensed producers and legal dispensaries interested in CannaLogic’s best in class technologies should contact the fulfillment department at to begin the qualifying process.
About CannaLogic: CannaLogic was founded in 2015 to create the first true Seed To Sale solution. Many companies use the term seed to sale, but Cannalogic’s sophisticated platform is the first that actually addresses the concerns of government regulators at every stage of the process. From cultivation and growing to sales with a robust retail POS and trusted e-commerce websites, combined with an innovative packaging and secure inventory tracking module. CannaLogic is the answer the industry has been looking for. To learn more, please visit
Twitter: @cannalogicinc
Media Contact : 
Tracy Lamourie
Lamourie Public Relations


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