Dutch Passion Cannabis Cup Success

Dutch Passion collected a special ’30 Year Achievement Award’ at the 2017 Expogrow event in Spain. The award recognizes the 30 years of contribution including the discovery of feminized cannabis seeds in the 1990’s by Henk van Dalen, Dutch Passion’s founder.
Dutch Passion also collected another two cannabis cups at the recent Elite Cup contest in Amsterdam. Night Queen collected 3rd Prize in the Indica category and Ultra Skunk collected 3rd Prize in the Hybrid category. The Elite Cup specialises in rewarding quality cannabis seed varieties suitable for high quality home cultivation. Night Queen is one of the strongest varieties in the Dutch Passion collection, an Afghan Indica with a knockout smoke she is very easy to grow. Night Queen is popular with hash producers and concentrate fans due to the high cannabis oil content and rich THC levels. Ultra Skunk is a top quality skunk selection, chosen for the very strong THC rich smoke and heavy yields. Ultra Skunk cannabis seeds are easy to germinate and grow under a wide range of conditions, like most quality Skunks this is easy enough for first time cannabis growers.
Check out the YouTube video at https://youtu.be/qQuf4plEbEg

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