An Excellent Way to Brand Your Business in the Canadian Market

We have an active vibrant network of approx. 500 cannabis based businesses from across the Canadian landscape ranging from large LP’s and ancillary services to small storefronts and manufacturers. High! Canada focuses on information and education as well as our secondary objective of building bridges across our existing Canadian Cannabis industry. We print 20,000 issues of High! Canada Magazine monthly and distribute the majority through our subscription services as well as through physical distribution at age-verified shops and services across Canada and we also offer monthly digital downloads of all issue on our website – and average approx 6000 downloads monthly, Stats on our readers and breakdowns are available in the media kit. We back-up our magazine and our advertisers online though our website, email shout-outs as well as support through our social media network: – 4200 followers – 2000 followers – 4300 followers – 7500 followers

We also support our advertisers through our exceptional digital marketing sister company – which is a ‘mantis-styled’ and ‘google ad-words’ based digital marketing platform with over 1200 related cannabis based businesses driving traffic to your web presence. We also work online with companies like which is currently in beta testing as an online video-driven cannabis portal.

Our current advertising base includes but is not limited to:

Crop King Seeds
Toko Nu
Phant Extracts
Phyto Medical
Xotic Seeds
Grower’s Paradise
Vape on the Lake
Canada Bliss Herbals
Bong City
Shaman Headquarters
Bonza Seeds
Curved Papers
Phyto Extractions
Sensi Seeds
Canada Concentrates
Koko & Kai
BC Pain Society
Okanagan Cannabinoid Therapies
National Access Cannabis
Canna Relief
Homegrown Hydroponics
and more

As for advertising packages –  there are several we could offer you – Our back cover and our inside back covers are spoken for until June but there are many other sweet ad insertion placements and possibilities High! Canada has available each month – We are currently a 64 page publication and every month we rotate in new advertisers and subsequently frequently sell out of ad insertion spots available. This is something to definitely keep your mind on as we move towards upcoming busier months. Ad space is offered for sale on a first come – first serve basis.

Our most popular package is a three month package – we also offer six month packages to larger accounts.

Spots that we currently have available are

quarter page ad
half page horizontal
Half Page Vertical
Full Page Single

If you have any questions – please do not hesitate to email
Cy Williams
Publisher, High! Canada Magazine

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